Claroscura Integrating Dreamer Recording

Journey Into The Unconscious – Part #1


Size: 45.7 MB. Length: 19 min audio track.

All original music & vocals by Jenniffer ClarOscura. This magical Hypno-Journey will guide you through the depths of your unconscious, allowing you to retrieve the Ancient Dreamer.

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Product Description

Journey Into The Unconscious – Part #1
Integrating The Dreamer (Guided Hypno-Journey)
© Copyright by Jenniffer ClarOscura
This recording can be heard as many times as you wish.

Stereo Headphones recommended (left – right experience)
Do not listen to this audio track while operating heavy machinery or while driving. To listen to this track you must be sitting comfortably or laying down.

Every night we fall into a foreign land, the dreamer awakens and is plunged into the freedom of this abstract world. A Place that transcends time and pays no attention to the laws of nature. It is fluid and everchanging until we fall back into what we believe is the waking reality. All that is left are slowly fading images of the night’s journey. And then night time comes again and the whole ritual repeats itself once more. But the Dreamer relentlessly tries to reach us every night and every day. If you are listening to this recording then you are ready… Ready to make a connection with The Ancient Dreamer.

By Jenniffer ClarOscura
Dream Mentor at
Certified Hypnotherapist at